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When you hear about filter bubbles, fake news, or influencers, does it seem like a lot to navigate in today’s media?

SUJO is curated by journalists who summarize and fact-check objective
pieces while also curating and summarizing opinionated influencer content.

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Do news aggregators save you time?

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What if there was a place that organized not just content from publications, but also independent influencers, and other users around topics you care about?

Have you ever felt it was tough to talk about headlines on social media without
upsetting someone?

SUJO provides a comfortable social layer to your headlines.
Keep your news conversation separate.

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SUJO Featured on 'Chicago Inno'

"Scroll through your Facebook, Twitter or other social media feeds for a minute or two, and you might find a political story with angry comment threads or a news hoax that has tricked users into thinking it’s a true story. Following constant news updates can be overwhelming for many people; in fact, almost 70 percent of Americans say they experience 'news fatigue' from trying to keep up with the daily news cycle..."

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SUJO The Social News App is Launching May 21st

Red BASKET Shopping Red BASKET BASKET Shopping Shopping SUJO releases to the app stores on Monday, May 21st bringing the first true social news app experience to market.  SUJO is a curated social news app that helps users organize and navigate the new media reality. The app delivers a customizable mix of user feedback, journalism, and opinion while giving users a comfortable place to interact around headlines.

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1871 + IHCC Hispanic Technology Incubator

The Hispanic Technology Incubator will showcase the companies pitching their latest business plans and making a strategic ask to the audience of business leaders, investors, and experienced entrepreneurs. Join our founder and CEO Daniel Rendon as he presents his story and inspiration behind finding Odeon.

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Establishing Trust in a Post-Truth World

With unique points of view and immense expertise in the news and information industry, our panelists led by moderator and veteran media exec Vivian Schiller will provide a thoughtful, boundary-pushing conversation full of insights around how to navigate this new landscape through the intersection of journalism, media and tech.

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BASKET Shopping BASKET Shopping Shopping Red BASKET Red SUJO accepted into 1871 IHCC Tech Incubator

1871 and the Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (IHCC) announced today the 14 businesses that will make up the third cohort of the 1871/IHCC Hispanic Technology Incubator, a joint program focused on fostering opportunities for Hispanic-owned technology companies.

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