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Neo Plasma is a new concept in multi delay type effects, completely unlike other systems. Neo Plasma uses a Plasma Collision System to maximize the randomness of several parameters, creating a bigger and richer sound than is possible with standard FX boxes. Neo Plasma features a whole multi delay system which enables Neo Plasma to produce several kinds of effects, including:

1. Multi delay effect with feedback control and different modulation options that give it too many sound possibilities to list here. It can be a exciting modern delay FX one minute and a vintage delay effect with mellow and richer sound the next!
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2. Multi tap effect.
3. 6 voices Echo effect.
4. Chorus effect
5. Flange effect.
6. Many newly created EFX

Easy to Operate

Sound Magic has made Neo Plasma easy to operate, too. Delay times AND note durations are completely in your control. With our graphic control GUI, you can easily move the icons to your desired positions and Neo Plasma will calculate the panning and volume for you automatically.

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  • Innovative Plasma Collision System
  • Six modulated stereo delay lines.
  • Independent feedback and LFO with stereo phase shift control on each tap
  • Over 20 modulation waveforms.
  • Internal 64-bit floating point precision processing
  • Up to 32Bit/384KHz resolution



What to do next?

Try the FREE Demo Version by clicking the download button. Or get the full version immediately (with all the benefits!) by clicking the Buy/Cart button.

Price: €49

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